Discovering Herbal Medicine

We are all passionate about Herbal Medicine and its benefits, and are delighted to have this opportunity to introduce others to this fascinating subject through our on-line herbal course.The Discovering Herbal Medicine course is a self-help course designed to teach you to deal with everyday health problems affecting you and your family. It is an in-depth course in 12 modules, which upon completion will grant you a Certificate of Herbal Studies presented by the British Herbal Medicine Association. No previous knowledge of herbs is required for this course, but study skills are helpful.  The course is also suitable for herb enthusiasts.

Discovering Herbal Medicine Course Online

To meet today's expectations, we have completely revised the Discovering Herbal Medicine (DHM) mailed-out course for its new life online. The original material has been retained, updated, and attractively restyled. New monographs have been added on popular over-the-counter herbal remedies and videos now introduce each of the twelve modules. We believe that this more readily accessible, online format of DHM will appeal to a wider audience who will be able to access it ‘on-the-go’ through a mobile phone!

The DHM Course has been designed to...

The DHM Course has been designed to enable the herbal enthusiast to explore the healing relationship between the human body in health and disease and the wonderful remedial powers of herbs that herbal practitioners use every day. Whilst the amount of information that can be covered in a one-year programme is obviously limited, DHM does provide the opportunity to absorb the essence of this relationship without resorting to the enormous amount of clinical detail and experience that is so very necessary for herbal practitioner training.

Chamomile is one of the most widely used of herbal relaxants

Chamomile is one of the most widely used of herbal relaxants. Its traditional uses range from anxiety and sleep problems to headaches and eczema. However, it is in the digestive tract when it really comes into its own.

A hot cup of chamomile tea can be surprisingly soothing in relieving stomach and intestinal discomfort.

Using plants as medicines is extremely rewarding

Using plants as medicines is extremely rewarding, but its practice demands knowledge, responsibility and respect. Generally speaking, herbal medicines are safe medicines, but in order to be used to their full advantage, it is necessary to have knowledge of dosages, duration of treatment and to be aware of any potential hazards such as possible herb-drug interactions. These considerations are key elements of the DHM Course, and if the Modules are fully understood and applied as directed, the information given will enable the student to make a real difference to the health and wellbeing of self, family and friends.

The DHM Course
is unique in many respects

The DHM Course is unique in many respects, and we believe it to be the best of its kind. It is a legacy course and its pedigree is unrivalled - it was originally conceived and written over forty years ago by a joint effort between Hein Zeylstra (1929 – 2001) and Simon Mills. Both are well-known throughout the world for being two of the leading medical herbalists of recent decades. Hein’s vision for the professional training for herbalists has inspired and contributed, either directly or indirectly, to the professional development of a large majority of practitioners of Western Herbal Medicine through the various schools set-up around the world by his former students.

The complementary health movement

Simon has gone on to front the complementary health movement and to lead professional, regulatory and academic initiatives in herbal medicine. He has written a number of classic books on herbal medicine is an acknowledged authority on the therapeutics, safety and regulatory control of herbal medicines.

For anyone interested in the medicinal potential of herbs spending time studying the DHM Course will give you many fulfilling hours of involvement with this fascinating and most rewarding of subjects. DHM will help you to help yourself and people around you to use natural remedies for every-day ailments.

Ann Walker PhD FCPP MNIMH RNutr
Course Director

  • Colds & flu

  • Indigestion

  • Insomnia

  • Low mood

  • Always tired

Colds and Flu

Echinacea can help to ward off colds if you buy a good-quality product. Once a virus is established the traditional remedy of a strong infusion of elderflowers, yarrow and peppermint can alleviate symptoms. Clinical studies suggest that elderberry extract is an effective treatment against viruses, which supports the time-honoured use of elderberry syrup for coughs and colds.