Free Herbal Course

Introducing Herbal Medicine

This free online short course focuses on a combination of modern scientific insight and the traditional use of herbs. Some of the basic principles of healing with natural medicine will be discussed, while at the same time there is practical advice on herbal solutions for everyday common ailments that can be found in your local pharmacy.

The Course

This free online course is made up of 12 units, including the digestive system, the respiratory system and the nervous system.  Each unit consists of 2 short videos, 4 short lessons, a case history and a quiz.  Every unit should take approximately 2-3 hours to complete and can be done at your own pace.  Everyone who successfully completes the full course will be awarded a certificate.

Discover more about herbal medicine

Herbal medicine is an ancient medicine used in some form by all human cultures, but Western Herbal Medicine has evolved into a form of medicine that can be used both in a simplistic sense by the lay person for self-care or in a more holistic and comprehensive sense by the herbal practitioner for complex health conditions of multiple origin, like chronic fatigue or metabolic syndrome.

Discovering Herbal Medicine Course

We also offer a full course which serves as a follow on to the free Introducing Herbal Medicine course. The Discovering Herbal Medicine course materials are comprehensive and impart a great deal of knowledge and understanding of the use of some fifty medicinal plants. Specifically, the pathology and diagnosis of a wide range of common medical conditions are carefully described and safety considerations are paramount throughout. Health problems that cannot be treated by non-professionals are clearly identified, and the Materia Medica is confined to herbs with well-established safety credentials. Learn more or sign up to Discovering Herbal Medicine here.

“It is a comprehensive course and much thought has gone into the preparation to enable lay people to gain more understanding about maintaining health and the use of herbal medicine in the present day.”



“I really enjoyed the ‘Discovering Herbal Medicine’ course and am glad I finished with success. I am now suffering from ‘withdrawal symptoms’, so will continue to study.”



“A beautifully-designed course with a lovely personal feel to the whole experience. I am going to miss the excitement of starting each new assignment and receiving those packages in the post!”