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Herbal Enthusiasts at New Vitality

The ‘Discovering Herbal Medicine’ Course was developed as a mailed-out distance learning course at the College of Phytotherapy. Based in East Sussex, England, this College was, for many years, the UK’s leading centre for the training of Medical Herbalists. The Course was ‘rescued’ by Dr Ann Walker and her husband Dr Alan Lakin when the College suffered financial collapse in December 2004. On taking it over, they completely revised and updated the course materials.

Greater emphasis on nutrition

Alan died in 2019 and since then Ann has strived to keep the course flourishing and available in the public domain. She recognises DHM as a legacy course originally written by world renown herbalists, Hein Zeylstra and Simon Mills and she has aimed to maintain the ethos of that material. Adding to it, she has placed greater emphasis on nutrition and provided more.

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